Let’s Understand Problems and Their Solutions in Gravure Printing



September 13, 2023

In the continuously evolving world of the printing industry, gravure printing stands as an effective technique that has endured the test of time. Having a history dating back to the 19th century, gravure printing has continued to grow its roots in the modern era, offering unbeatable quality and precision in different businesses and industries. Gravure printing has found a wide range of applications across various industries because of its second-to-none print quality and consistency.

Although not really a very common name, gravure printing is one of the widely used printing techniques for high-volume printing. The technique is used for gift wrapping, magazines, wallpaper, packaging, etc. The printing technique produces the finest quality printing results while maintaining the standard of the print. It is a unique and intricate process that uses engraved cylinders in India. These cylinders transfer ink onto a substrate and ensure quality and consistent design.

Gravure printing is a majorly used printing technique in the packaging, publishing, and advertising industries. It is majorly known for its ability to produce exceptional quality prints with consistent colour accuracy, making it an efficient choice for printing high-end materials. Just like any other printing technique, gravure printing has its own set of problems. In this blog post, we will analyse some of the general problems faced in the gravure printing process and what are the solutions for them.

Positive Doctor Blade Lines

One of the common problems that people face with gravure printing is positive doctor blade lines. The doctor blade usually moves with the oscillation of the cylinder. This problem usually occurs with the contamination of inks and ink tanks, attachments and outdated filters, incorrect finishing of cylinders, and damage to doctor blades. To avoid this issue, use the clean ink tray and refill the ink, if necessary. Check the doctor blade and bevel for any damage. Analyse the engraved roto gravure cylinders in Indiafor correct roughness values and polish the surface if necessary.

Edge Break Out

Another problem you may face due to a damaged doctor blade is the edge break out. While soft wear on the doctor bevel is normal, edge break out can prove to be a severe issue in gravure printing. This damage can further lead to ink splashes. If you are suspected of edge breakouts, check your printing cylinders first for any damages. Make sure that the cylinder’s edges are soft and slightly bevelled.


If you notice the smearing which also bleeds from the printed area into the unprinted one, then it is a sign of poor colour tolerance or incorrect drying time of ink. Sometimes, a too-flat doctor blade can also be proved to be the reason for bleeding in gravure printing. To avoid this problem, the engraved roto gravure cylinder supplier in Indiasuggests ensuring the correct web temperature for the substrate and checking the viscosity of the ink. Analyse the drying time of ink and add quicker drying solvents if necessary. Also, don’t forget to check the doctor blade angle.

Drag Out

This problem usually happens when dirt accumulates on the upper side of the doctor bevel. It is facilitated by too low a doctor blade angle or because of too flexible settings. These impurities are often result of the poor maintenance, reused ink, and insufficient infiltration. In solution to drag out the problem, check the doctor bevel for any impurities and residues and clean it. Also, check the filters for blockages and use a clean ink tray. Keep every part clean to avoid such problems in the future.


Another problem you can face with the engraved cylinders in Indiais the images to be printed appear washed out at the inlet of the engraved area. It mainly occurs in solid colours, but is much more visible in halftone. Usually, the cell bars are visible in the final print. The solutions to this problem of screening include the use of reliable ink and reducing the ink drying time, if necessary. Verify the doctor blade setting and use thinner support blades. Check the impression roller pressure and shore hardness of the substrate and manage it accordingly.

In a nutshell, gravure printing is an exceptional printing technique that delivers high-quality prints with consistent colour accuracy. By understanding the common problems in gravure printing and analysing their solutions, you can ensure that your prints are of the highest quality and meet the desired standards. Considering these measures in gravure printing, you can make sure that your prints are of the highest quality and perfectly meet your client’s expectations. If you want to gain more knowledge on gravure printing and get the best engraved cylinders, Primetech is the perfect platform for you.

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