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Agree or not but most of the consumers first notices the design of your product before buying or making any sort of decision. The design and colour usage marks the image build of the product. As the competition started rising among manufacturers, it was Primetech who realized the importance of customized packaging solutions and aimed to manufacture its own gravure printing cylinder.
Primetech welcomed new technologies used to provide its clients the best services with world-class machinery and experienced technical staff. We have established ourselves as the leading rotogravure printing cylinder supplier in India, and ought to serve our clientele with the best we have. we specialize in crafting high-quality rotogravure printing cylinders in India that deliver precision, reliability, and excellence for your printing needs.
We show who we are, with pride and we prove it. Our right aptitude and attitude is what marks our brilliance in the gravure printing cylinder. Primetech promises to serve flexible gravure printing solutions with the best inks and best cylinders throughout the printing industry. With years of experience and a passion for innovation, we are proved to be one of the best rotogravure printing cylinder providers in India and committed to enhancing the printing industry with our state-of-the-art technology and exceptional customer service. Primetech’s team ensures that the client is updated with all the necessary facts and status of the project covered. This helps us and our clients to work with transparency and proper communication.

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Our Services

Base Cylinders

Steel bases with plating according to customers specifications.

Engraved Cylinders

Electro-Mechanical, Hybrid Technology.

Embossing Cylinders

Get High quality Embossing Cylinders at Primetech.

Timely service delivery and instant solutions

We value our customers and want the best for them

Our customers are the most valuable people for our organization. Their interests matters and we are the ones who listen and provide them with the right guidance they need as per their query.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are repeatedly satisfied with our services.

On-time Delivery

We respect and value our customer’s time.


Years Of Experience


How do we work?



We plan and strategize the project in simple steps.



We discuss our plans with the clients and make corrections in the strategy if required.



After the approval, our staff dedicatedly works on the project.


Final Results

Our final results are first sent to the clients for inspection.

Quality over Quantity

It’s our responsibility to deliver best quality rotogravure printing cylinders in India which can be protected from any chemical reactions and are long lasting.

Eco-friendly Environment

Primetech never compromises with nature’s freshness and has structured itself in a way that does not harm our beautiful environment.

Automated Machinery

We have an automated machinery system to ease out the heavy manpower required for big tasks. It not only reduces our costs but gives finely shaped cylinders.

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    Yes, we do provide designs as per the expectations of our clients.

    Certainly not! We never disclose the designs once selected by our clients.

    Yes, our workers have a rich experience of 12 years.

    The main difference between us and other companies is that we give affordable and best-quality services to our customers.

    Gravure cylinders are used for making a packaging print of a product. For eg; Maggie. The yellow polythene packet you see was made with the help engraved cylinder.

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    Primetech is here to listen to all your printing-related queries. Contact our top management for one-on-one discussions or you can ask us to give you a call back too.

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    Primetech not only focuses on gravure cylinders but also maintains a peaceful environment for its staff and people living nearby.


    Primetech never compromises with nature's well-being.

    Green Technology

    We use technology which does not harm anybody.


    We produce minimal toxic chemicals and vapors.

    Sound Dampening

    Our machines are of high-quality which produce little-to-no-sound at all.


    Primetech is a growing business with optimistic approach.



    Primetech implements latest technology for improved operations.


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