Sustainability Practices

Humans have always mistreated nature and taken it for granted but nature is a true giver. We owe a lot to our mother nature and it’s our responsibility to nourish it with utmost care. Nature took care of us when we needed it and now it’s our turn to take care of it. The damage we humans did to nature must be cured and prevented from the future ones. 

Primetech Gravures India Private Limited makes sure to heal what has been damaged by us. We ensure the factory waste is re-used or taken through other recycling processes for maintaining a sustainable practice. Most of our waste is the water used in the printing and packaging operations. So, to make use out of this waste water, we have implemented an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) plant. Effluent refers to the water mixed with wastes. 

In ETP plants the effluent water goes through multiple refining steps for the filtration process.

The steps being used are:

  1. Primary Filtration: Primary filtration is the most initial phase of removing the solid wastes from the water. 
  2. Cooling and Mixing: The motor in the ETP tank mixes different types of effluent and then cools them to a certain temperature.
  3. Neutralization Tank: Third steps analyze the ratio of acid and bases present with the help of a pH metre present. The effluent is then neutralized by adding acids and alkalis.
  4. Adding Coagulant: In this step, the effluent is sent for a coagulant bath where a measured amount of coagulant is added to the effluent.
  5. Settling Tank: This phase is called the separation of effluent from the water. The effluent acting like a sludge settles downs in the water and then the water is taken out.
  6. Pressure Filter: Pressure filters pressurize the effluent to remove the effluent from the water.
  7. Secure Discharge: Primetech’s draining utility drains the effluent securely.

We emphasize special care for nature and it should be treated with respect and dignity. Primetech gravures not only filters out the waste but prevents waste from producing and collecting. We also perform high-quality packaging of our products to prevent them from shelf expiry. 

Occupational Health & Safety

Primetech takes proactive action to create a safe working environment and culture of occupational safety for our employees.

Our goal is to provide uninterrupted operation in a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees.


Primetech has established a unique Environment Management System and regulates operations accordingly in order to minimize the impact of production and operations on the environment . Standing a head of its competition for both the attention paid to compliance with national and local laws and its respect for the environment, Prime Tech’s new treatment plant, built 2013, is monitored via a PLC -controlled SCADA automation system, minimizing the need for human response as well as risks for the environment health, occupational health and accidents. In addition to all waste water originated from production, all chemicals used in the course of cylinders coating are disposed of at the plant.

Prime Tech, with the implementation of an effective Environmental Management System Integrated into the quality management system received the ISO |400|:2004 Environment Management System certificate in 2015.

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