Get Perfect Designs With Perfectly Engraved Rotogravure Cylinders

Primetech was established with the purpose to provide its customers with high-quality gravure printing solutions. We use high-quality metal and machines for the making of gravure cylinders which are flexible and completely customized as per client’s needs. We have never let down our clients with 100% client-satisfaction rate.

To provide first-class quality services, Primetech has experienced employees who are highly qualified in their respective fields. This could only happen because of our rich-industry expertise. With our wide network system and automated machines, we produce fine quality packaging and have never disappointed our clients. Due to the devoted taskforce of Primetech and modern production facilities, we’ve built strong trust with our amazing customers and maintaining the same.

Our cylinders are the wheels of revolution which have gone through multiple technological changes so that we never lag behind in terms of technology. The automated machines are made up in a way that it can be customized easily for separate clients to meet up their needs and ensure flexibility with credibility.

What makes us set apart from our competitors is our unique approach and budget-friendly Gravure cylinder-maker in India. Balanced use of ink and drying keeps the design look whereas doctor blade ensures the excess ink is removed out and extricated safely.

Human Resources

We aim to;

  • Be the company preferred by highly qualified personnel that adopt our universal values of being “fair, cooperative and equal”,
  • Prepare the organization change with respect to quality and quantity by grasping the dynamics of the world and the sector,
  • Keep our employees profiles up-to-date in accordance with the company strategies and anticipate the workforce profile that will redefine the company strategy,
  • Support professional development of our employees by giving sustainable feedback in accordance with the personal performance management system structured in the company goals and strategies,
  • Give opportunities to our employees in order to train them in different fields, promote them to management, identify their skill gaps and develop their skills by assigning them to different roles in the organization,
  • Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty by promoting happiness and peace in the work place,
  • Be a strategic partner with sustainable HR Policies.

Primetech Leadership Codes

The leadership approach of Primetech is support by the values of  “community, love, determination, belief” and the main goals of Primetech are;

  • Developing our collective abilities according to future needs,
  • Keeping key employees, and developing employees with high potential,
  • Developing the “Top Managers” of the future,
  • Attracting professionals with high potential and performance to our company,
  • Making an effective “Human Resources Planning” throughout the Prime Tech,
  • Growing the group by implementing organizational goals and supporting change,
  • And assuring that all goals are obtainable and sustainable.

How do we work?



We plan and strategize the project in simple steps.



We discuss our plans with the clients and make corrections in the strategy if required.



After the approval, our staff dedicatedly works on the project.


Final Results

Our final results are first sent to the clients for inspection.

Why Choose Us

Get Every Answer

Yes, we do provide designs as per the expectations of our clients.

Certainly not! We never disclose the designs once selected by our clients.

Yes, our workers have a rich experience of 12 years.

The main difference between us and other companies is that we give affordable and best-quality services to our customers.

Gravure cylinders are used for making a packaging print of a product. For eg; Maggie. The yellow polythene packet you see was made with the help engraved cylinder.

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