Our Products

Ready for Engraving CylindersSteel bases with plating according to customers specifications.

  • Engraved Cylinders : Electro-Mechanical, Hybrid Technology.
  • Embossing cylinders.
  • Reproduction Service.
  • Colour Management Service for all Customers.


We provide safe shipping of cylinders worldwide by multiple proven carries. We currently ship to customers in many different countries across Europe, South America, and the Arabian peninsula.

Import and Export

With our experienced Export and Import Department, we have strong and reliable International Business Knowledge.


Every customer’s need is different, and the packaging of each shipment is custom tailored to meet that need.

We adhere to the highest packaging standards and use special protective paper, corrugated cardboard, shrink wrap, banding anti-corrosive materials to assure the safe delivery of each cylinder.

Cylinder Warehouse

We have a dedicated cylinder storage facility with a capacity to safely maintain and catalog up to 7000 cylinders.

This ability to store,catalog, and retrieve cylinders saves both time and money for repeat orders.

High Technical Educated Sales Team

  • Communication in multiple languages including English and Hindi.
  • Step by step guidance throughout the printing process starting from Fingerprint.
  • Cost effective solutions.

After Sales Service

We believe that growth is possible only through strong relationship.

For this purpose ; we provide exceptional service to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level .

Our professional technical teams are here to respond any customer need, request, or the rate complain immediately and completely, enabling us to be your premier solution partner.   


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