This line is capable of producing both hollow and shafted cylinders, and also handles cylinder repairs.

Incoming Cylinder Control Station And The Stocking Area  The stocking area has a capacity of approx 2000 cylinders. By keeping customer’s cylinders in a consolidated area, we save considerable time by recycling cylinders for new orders.

Print Proof Area

All engraved cylinders are inspected and proofed with customer provided inks and according to our customer’s specifications.

We can also prepare a wide range of ink formulations in our colour management lab. Cylinders are delivered with a print proof.

Colour Management

Supported by the principles of confidentiality and privacy , Primetech provides unsurpassed service to its customers. Completed cylinders are always delivered with a print proof to assure our customers of the quality and integrity of our work. Ink formulations are also provided with the proofs .

Primetech, with its highly trained and specialized staff, last software, and state -of-the-art technology provides the following services in “Colour Management”

  • Fingerprint.
  • Preparation of In-House profiles and ICC profiles.
  • Enhancement of printing quality.
  • Elimination of colour mismatches and printing with consistent colours.


  • Reproduction services with a professional and reliable team.
  • Consulting and technical services before print.
  • Digital touch-ups.
  • Customer centered color separations.
  • GMG prints with each customers profiles.
  • Reliable archive systems.
  • Modern software’s (Automation Engine, Colour Server, ArtPro, Creative Clouds).

Quality Control

Primetech believes in a customer satisfaction oriented Quality Control system as an indispensable component of its overall production process.

To achieve this goal, each product passes through 6 direct and 3 indirect quality control approval points prior to final delivery.

Direct Quality Control

  • Digital.
  • Before Cylinder Plating.
  • Before Engraving.
  • Post Production Proof.
  • Final Approval of all deliverable.

Indirect Quality Control

  • Incoming Control.
  • Ink Laboratory – Ink Preparation & Control.
  • Chemical Analysis.

Primetech, performs these through quality control procedures with continuously trained staff using modern technologies and equipment.

Quality Control result throughout all production stages are recorded digitally and can be monitored instantly and retrospectively.

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